I was trying to update the script that you wrote last year to remove the step that we had to add to forward the stream through the local port that AlienBBC used to do the transcoding. Now Slimserver can play the true urls directly through mplayer. I think that I successfully did that, but I think that the website might have changed its structure a little since I last used your script.

When I run it with --sort chrono_by_year the playlists do not build accurately. 1995.pls only gets a couple of shows and they are from 1996. All other years have a few oddballs from other years tossed in.

The playlist that get built work fine and the episode listed play great direclty through mplayer as planned.

If you could just take a quick look to see if I damaged the underlying code, or if it is just a matter of bringing the code in line with a change that they made to the TAL archive.


Tom Malsbury

I attached my updated ,I added .txt to it so that the forums would allow it to be posted