Hi all,

I have just purchased a squeeze box 2 taken it home and set it up. Got the software installed on a windows box without a drama. Configured the wireless to talk to my WPA network without a problem. I can see all of my audio files in the lists and can start songs playing. According to the visual audio displays (the FFT and the VU meters) the audio is playing. However I get no audio output from the unit. Nothing from the analoug outputs, or either the optical or coax digital output.

I have tried firmware version 15, and the latest 6.2 devel version to no effect. I have tried pressing 1 at the slim devices logo to reprogramm the Xilinx CPLD but still not working.

I can get audio output from the headphone out jack on the side of the unit without a problem.

Any help would be greatly appreciated as at the moment the device is effectively an expensive RSS feed reader