Looks like the drive is full.

"Okay, this is SlimServer 2005-10-10
Please don't forget to tag it in Subversion!
Made SlimServer_v2005-10-10
Checking out a copy of the source from Subversion on
branch trunk...
subversion/libsvn_subr/io.c:2132: (apr_err=28)
svn: Can't close file
'release/server/CPAN/Audio/FLAC/Header.pm.tmp': No
space left on device
Last Revision number is: 4587
Making copy of server source...
cp: SlimServer_v2005-10-10/SlimServer_v2005-10-10: No
space left on device
Problem: export of server files failed at
../makerelease.pl line 170."

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