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    Squeezebox2 and Tivoli questions

    This is a question not so much about the Squeezebox itself, but you all seem to be a knowledgeable lot about audio systems in general, so I figured I'd ask for advice.

    I'm looking at getting a Squeezebox2 setup for casual listening environment in one part of my house.

    I'd like to have a CD option in that area, too, and have been looking at the Tivoli Model Two "RadioWorks" system:

    A few questions:

    1. Will the miniplug aux-in be okay? I just need an RCA->Miniplug cable, correct? Is there much of a loss in quality?

    2. Is there a way to use an additional line-in for an iPod, without having to unplug the Squeezebox and plug in the iPod?

    3. Is it at all possible to add another speaker or set of speakers for the nearby room?

    Any other options besides the Tivoli that I should be checking out?

    Many thanks in advance

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    1. The RCA -> miniplug cable is what you need. Quality should be OK.
    2. There is only one aux input on the Model Two.
    3. I don't think so.

    The Tivoli is great!


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    > 3. Is it at all possible to add another speaker or set of speakers for the nearby room?

    Since you'd be stepping down to a stereo mini anyway, perhaps come out of the headphone jack with a male-male mini to the Tivoli, then use the available RCAs to run a line-level signal to another amplifier to drive your other speakers. you'd need another amp or powered speakers, though.

    one possible solution. remember, friends: "Multiple outputs may be used at the same time"



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