When using "Browse Songs" and "Search for Songs" on the Squeezebox with the remote not only songs but also matching albums and artists are shown. This happens with the August 8 nightly. With previous versions (somewhere before August 5) this did not happen. As far as I understand there was an amendment on August 5 regarding bug 399 which seems to be related to searching. Could that have introduced the wrong behavior?

Further, when selecting "Search For Songs" on the remote and e.g. selecting all songs containing an "A" by pressing twice the right arrow button the last item in the resultang song list is shown as "ALL_SONGS" instead of "All Songs". Even in the German version "ALL_SONGS" is shown instead of the German text "Alle Titel". As far as I can remember this was also different before August 5.

Finally, when selecting "Browse Songs" on the remote in the resulting song list there is no "All..." item at all. Shouldn't be the last item in the list an "All Songs" entry?

I have filed a bug report for these.

BTW "Browse Songs" has been tremendously accelerated (by this amendment?). It took always several minutes until the song list was shown (so I did not use it in practice) but now the song list is shown instantaneously without any delay!