Hi All

I've had the wired SB2 for around three months now and last weekend, after several false starts I finished ripping 900 ish CD's to flac.

The reason for this post is to say thank you to all the people who have taken the time to create the plugins such as alienbbc, which whilst they were not the reason I bought the SB2 (thank a couple of voiciferous converts on zerogain/pfm for that) they really do add to the what is already an excellent package.

Currently I'm using Music Magic to create playlists, whilst I might not entirely agree with somme of its choices, they certainly are fun (Rainbow from a Swell Maps seed song anyone?)but it does seem to work.

At present I'm running the SB2 through a Chord DAC64/Rega Cursa/Exxon/PMCFB1 set up and I'm extremely impressed with the quality of the sound. Indeed I had been lead to believe that with the stock power supply it may sound a tad bass light. All that I can say is that to my cloth ears the bass is more than adequate, although more 'slam' is never a bad thing.

Once again thanks to everyone who has/is making this an excellent product. I've just ordered a wireless Platinium version for my second system and can't wait for it to turn up.