I have a squeezebox at home and have been looking into using something along the same lines at work, to save on CDs and make life a bit easier for the rehearsal staff (I work for a dance company). I haven't really had much chance to explore everything within the box yet, but I haven't found a few things yet, so I was wondering if it is possible to....

1) Set the box up so it pauses between tracks (commonly called auto pause)? This is a useful function for pieces with sound cues at track points.

2) Change the FF/REW so that instead of scanning it just scans at, say 4x, until the button is released? A bit like a CD player I guess.

3) Go to a specific time within a track? Most (if not all) CD players can't do this either, if it is possible to do this this would be a big bonus.

I'm going to take my current Squeezebox in to work and give a demo, to see if they can cope (most are total technophobes) and to see if it would suit their way of working, but I suspect these will be the things that will come up.

Also is there any ideas on rackmounting a squeezebox? It would be a wired only one (probably).