I thought I'd introduce a new idea to the Rhapsody discussion. I work for a
commercial software house, and our normal practice is that we prioritise
enhancements and developments to meet our broad priorities. However we do
have an active user group and there is a mechanism whereby they can request
and pay for enhancements.

For us this works well as clients can fasttrack work that is important to
their business and it is not too disruptive for us as it gives us the
financial resources to support a larger development team.

Perhaps slim is now large enough to support a 'user group' that can invest
in the enhancements it requires. I'm not sure how this could work but it
would be interesting to know if the community would be interested in this
idea? Even if developments are not directly funded it might be helpful to
have a user driven list of 'major enhancements' with some sort of polling
mechanism so the users could show which ones they supported most.

Also bear in mind the community is attracting an increasing number of
'non-developer' users (becaus it's such a good product). These users are not
able to dive into the code to fix things. My belief is that for slim to have
a long term future it is this group that need to be encouraged more than
people like me who just build in the bits they want.

That's just my thoughts, feel free to disagree.