I have a Squeezebox-2 wireless linked to my network via 11g and am trying to setup ethernet bridging for my Xbox.

I have the Xbox on, connected with a crossover cable, and go through the network setup and turn bridging on and everything works fine. The Xbox and the Squeezebox-2 both get IP addresses and both function on the network fine and I can stream MP3 to the squuezebox-2 and DIVX to the Xbox using XBMC simultaneously with no dropouts or stutter at all.

Great I thought just what I want, but then if I turn the Xbox off the Squeezebox-2 loses connection to the Slimserver and locks up until I turn the Xbox back on. This doesn't happen if I put a hub or switch between the Xbox and Squeezebox-2 so it only seems to be if the link goes down on the Squeezebox-2's wired ethernet port. Now I don't want to leave my Xbox on all the time due to the HDD and fan noise hence buying a Squeezebox-2 to play MP3 and I certainly dont want a hub or switch sitting on my stereo so I am having to turn on briding on the Squeezebox-2 every time I turn my Xbox on and then reset it again before I turn it off.

Anybody else having similar problems or know of a solution to this problem, or is it just a bug in the firmware that i'll have to live with?