....but that provides read-only access, correct? How would I check the files
back in? Perhaps I am misreading the cvsgrab home page, but it appears that
I wouldn't be able to make changes.


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-> On Tue, Dec 02, 2003 at 11:59:18AM -0700, Reckase, Erik Nathan wrote:
-> > Not really sure. Ports 21 (FTP) and 80 (HTTP) are
-> definitely open, but the
-> > rest are hard to determine. I have no problem with most
-> IM clients, either
-> > (IRC doesn't work, but AIM, Y!, ICQ and MSN all seem to
-> have no problems.)
-> > I've used the ftp port for a lot of things, perhaps we can
-> try that one? If
-> > necessary, I can have a particular user/pass to protect that port.
-> Solution: http://cvsgrab.sourceforge.net, designed for exactly your
-> problem. It parses the HTML from ViewCVS and gets the files
-> over HTTP.
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