Hi! I've been playing around with SlimServer for the last few hours -- I've managed to get it installed on my Debian box and get it sync'd with the java client on a windows box.

I've looked and faq'd and google'd, and I can't seem to find the answer to one question I was looking for:

Can you get the SlimServer to output locally on the server's machine and sound card? My linux box doesn't run X, and I'd hate to waste the resources running X just to get one gui client. The box is well located to plug in to another household stereo, so it'd be great if there was a way to make the server also run a client.

I've been playing with slimp3slave (http://www.ex-parrot.com/~pdw/slimp3slave/), but I can't get it to pipe the data properly to an mpeg player -- and I think tuning in to the local stream is probably a round-about way of doing this. I was hoping there might be a better way?

Thanks guys, and keep up the good work 8-)