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    Dying for Replaygain (aka Volume Normalization)

    (before you point it out, I'm fully aware that Normalization is different than Replaygain but to many users they are the same thing)


    I just wanted to write a brief post to say how much I'm missing Replaygain support in Slimserver. I've seen the bug reports/enhancement requestes and I've voted on them... I'm not sure what priority this feature has right now... but I write this to help bolster support for including this feature soon.

    I love my Squeezebox/Slimserver combo. I can't get enough and my friends all want one too... the only annoyance I have is that I need to constantly have the remote around to adjust the volume of tracks when I'm playing multiple albums on random.

    What is ReplayGain? It makes your music come out of your stereo at (what you perceive to be) the same volume... without actually changing your music (see http://www.replaygain.org/ for more info). To add replaygain to your .flac files and .mp3 try http://mp3gain.sourceforge.net/.

    Please vote on the following bugs if you feel that this feature is desirable to you:




    p.s. I've also read this post (http://forums.slimdevices.com/showth...ght=replaygain) on using madplay to add replaygain support... but I'd really like to see a nice simple slimserver solution. I only wish my coding skills were better!
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