Quoting Stewart Loving-Gibbard (sloving-gibbard (AT) uswest (DOT) net):

> Craig, James (IT) wrote:
> >I think you will have much bigger problems even if you fix this one!
> >The Scrobbler plugin is tied to the old data cache and this code has all
> >gone now.
> >
> >Someone needs to rewrite for 6.0 - I have not seen any mails from Stuart
> >for some time
> >but a couple of people have mentioned looking at it.
> >I can do it if no-one else is doing so.

> I will be gone for the next week, but I will try to look at it
> after that.
> I have been waiting for 6.0 to go into release before moving to it,
> so I have no personal experiences here yet.

Stew, any progress with the SlimScrobbler plugin for 6.0?