Just installed the Squeezebox 2 with a Fedora Core 3 machine, and the internet radio works fantastic.

However, SlimServer can't find the files. For one, it won't recoginze valid paths. For example, it recognizes /home/ekubec , but nothing lower than that. I have tried changing permission on the files lower than /home/ekubec, but to no avail. I created a /home/music folder that is allows to be valid. But even after I filled it up with MP3s, it says the folder is empty.

Here is output from log:

2005-04-09 00:28:07.1477 Got /home/music from file url file:///home/music
2005-04-09 00:28:07.1486 extracted: /home/music from file:///home/music
2005-04-09 00:28:07.1549 reading directory: /home/music
2005-04-09 00:28:08.8968 cracked: http://localhost:9000/setup.html?pla...escan&itunes=0 with [localhost],[9000],[/setup.html?player=00%3A04%3A20%3A05%3A36%3A08&play erid=&page=server&language=EN&audiodir=%2Fhome%2Fm usic&playlistdir=&rescan=Rescan&itunes=0]