I'm running the 6.01 nightly from last night on FC3 (at least I downloaded
it from the 6.01 path, but the filename looks the same as the one in the 6.1
path?). I added a single album to my small db (450 songs - all flac) and
rescanned just before updating the rpm.

The initial rescan picked up the main artwork (cover.jpg), but left a
thumbnail placeholder; the new slimserver start (after rmp update) looked
like it completely rebuilt the db, but has duplicated a pre-existing album
cover for the 'new' album cover art. As before the full size artwork is
fine. I'm using fishbone btw.

Other than that (and the tiny display dots on the rhs which someone has
already mentioned, but I could only see 'cos I'm 2ft from the display), my
new wired SB2 hasn't missed a beat, and I think I may have sold some more
for you off the back of it ;-).

I guess there's not much point in posting fishbone comment any more ... :-(