> I'm completely new to the whole Squeezebox arena. I learnt about SB a
> few weeks ago and now have a SB2 on order in the UK from
> multitaskcomputing.co.uk.

> I've therefore started reading all sorts of comments saying bad
> things about SlimServer 6.0, and have also found comments saying that
> SB2 will likely have hardware issues that will be resolved (in the
> hardware, not the firmware) in future versions. It seems that I've
> basically bought a beta-release hardware product which I'll be running
> with a beta-release server. Obviously, this worries me quite a lot!
> Are these things really true?

I am a first-time user of SlimDevices products. I still run my Audiotron.
My SB2 arrived 30th March and was working within minutes.
Small problem - the external antenna was missing - they posted me one and I
had it a few days later.
I have MP3 and MP2 files (the MP2 at 48khz are recorded from digital radio
or TV and could never be played natively on my Audiotron).
So far everything has worked fine.
I am using the Windows binary for SlimServer 6.
I have also downloaded the Perl source and started the build process on my
Linksys NSLU2 - but various pre-requisites are proved a bit hard to resolve
quickly so I parked it for now.
It will not connect wirelessly to my old Linksys 802.11b router (looks like
WEP issue) - I informed support and they know of the issue and are working
on it.

> Should I cancel my SB2 order immediately
> and wait 6 months (or buy something else)? I'm obviously hoping that
> this isn't the case. Please reassure a new member of the flock!

Overall - I am impressed. I say - stick with it.

> As an aside, does anyone know what the situation with buying an SB2 in
> the UK is? They seem to be in rather short supply!

I ordered mine direct from Slimdevices soon after the SB2 was announced.
Arrived safe and sound with a UK plug. You have to pay duty to UPS - but I
knew that before I ordered.