I'd say this (regarding your concerns)... first, realize few people will
post to this list unless it's a problem they're trying to resolve. That is,
by definition, this list will tend to display problems. Second, the product
generally does what it says it will. The one hardware issue that needs a
hardware fix is--apparently--very esoteric. Third, Slim Devices stands
behind and updates their products. Ultimately you have a 30-day return

Having said all this, I do think you're in for a bit of tweaking. I think
the product will have several bugs resolved in 6 months but I have no doubt
there will just be OTHER bugs then. If you tweak for a while and get your
SB2 to work, I have no doubt it will continue to work as you use it for a
long time. In fact, I'd say the SB2 is way more reliable than SB1 and the
SB1 is pretty darn good. But, if you have an aversion to installing
software updates and such I'd say be warned. Hope that doesn't sound too
negative, but for some people SB requires too much tinkering.