As someone who'd used web-based forums exclusively, I've struggled a bit to
get used to this email list approach. I was intitialy put-off joining at
all, and I still can't work out how to make the converstation thing work
(with Outlook). All the Re: s don't help at all. What's even more
of a pain is that I can't search for keywords through my saved mail list (I
have to used the read-only web forum to do that).

But the one thing I find most annoying, is that almost every post includes
many of the previous posts, and I have to wade through the whole thing to
work out what (and where) the new bit is. It seems so much clearer on a web
forum where there's generally no need repeat other people's posts. I know
I'm as guilty of this as most others, because it's just the way most email
is set up to respond.

On the plus side, it makes me feel I must be really important to get all
this mail ;-)

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Indeed I could use a filter, but when presenting post as
converstations (thunderbird) other mail would be presented as
conversations too. Its a per program setting. Therefore and amongst
other things (back-up, reability etc.) I am using Gmail for this sort
of things.

On Apr 5, 2005 12:34 AM, Dave Owen <dowen (AT) sapient (DOT) com> wrote:
> >Yes, you're right but I don't want to have all the mail in my private

> mailbox where it would drown my other, more important, mail.
> I have a filter that runs on newly-received mail and throws any
> containing "[slim]" into a separate folder. I am curious if there is
> something about your setup that prevents this approach?