I'm seeing the same thing here, when using 6.0.0 on Win2k.

I've never used the nightlies before, although "RPM" sounds to be a
Linux package.

Dan: can you tell me whether this is also fix in the Windows nightly?


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Dan Sully wrote:
> * Jack Coates shaped the electrons to say...
>> So I wiped database again, and got it again.
>> The slimserver.db is at
>> http://www.monkeynoodle.org/tmp/slimserver.db.bz2. I then deleted the

>> db entirely, restarted and let it rebuild that way... result is fine.
>> I suspect that it was the restart which really cleaned things up,
>> seems like there's a problem with in-memory caching. This is 6.0.0.

> Jack - I recently put in some changes to the Wipe DB code which I
> believe clear this up. Could you try the latest nightly and see if you

> run into it again?
> Thanks.
> -D

got around to building a quick-n-dirty RPM of the nightly and installed
it. Database is oll korrect and picked up recent changes. Played a song,

then hit wipe cache. result looks fine.

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