I have now created Softsqueeze installers for Windows, OS X and Linux.
You can downloaded the files from
http://softsqueeze.sourceforge.net/download.html. If you do not have
Java installed on your PC then you can download the Windows or Linux
installer that includes the JRE (Java runtime).

I would still recommend launching Softsqueeze using Java web start via
the slimserver. This way Softsqueeze is automatically updated to work
with the latest version of the slimserver. The exceptions are if you:
- are connecting to a slimserver over the Internet and cannot reach the
slimserver directly.
- get frequent gaps during playback, try the installer version instead.
This starts Java with some extra options that are not possible via web
start and in my (limited) testing can improve playback. Please let me
know if this helps you.
- have some problems with your Java installations, and Java web start
does not work.