While this is, in theory, a great idea, the market for it is probably far
too small to offset the huge expenditure that Slim Devices would have to
make to bring such a product to market.

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> >> Not many folks used powered speakers, or would want to

> >
> > I totally disagree. Powered speakers are actually a great
> > innovation. Matching amps with speakers has always been a black
> > art; better that they do it at the factory - that way they can
> > tailor the amp to the driver(s) and perform any EQ needed to get
> > the best performance.
> >
> > Adding amplifiers to the Squeezebox seems completely
> > unnecessary. It's like asking for a CD player with an amp -
> > sure it's been done before but the vast majority just want the
> > source component.

> Of the hundreds of systems that I've listened to over the
> years, I can
> count on one hand the number that utilized powered speakers.
> A few more
> were said to be 'active', with an outboard amp/crossover -
> which is a bit
> better approach to a manufacturer's desire to match amp and
> speaker, IMO.
> There just aren't very many powered speakers sold because few
> people are
> interested in them. People who care about sound quality want the
> flexibility to find that perfect amp (or find the perfect
> speakers for the
> amp they love). The mass market wouldn't know what to do
> with powered
> speakers if you gave them away - because they have a 2 or 7.1 channel
> receiver in their system.
> Anyway, the kind of system that we're talking about - Squeezebox,
> inexpensive amp, and speakers isn't an audiophile-class
> playback system -
> not by a long shot, so amp/speaker matching isn't a
> consideration for the
> intended market. It's a second or third system for the
> kitchen, or the
> bedroom, or the garage. An amplified Squeezebox would just be a very
> convenient, compact device to achieve this and would sound
> fine in 99% of
> its intended applications.