Sorry Dan - I was rather vague as I did not want to start discussing my
problems I
had with version 6 I just managed to get everything up and running again
with the
old version. Basically what happened was:

- I had permanent dropouts when playing music and that's with a signal
strength of

- Version 6 seems to consider more tags than the previous version. All of a
my "browe by Artist" showed up Artists I never heared of. Keep in mind
that ITunes
showed everything correct. I found out that some of my MP3s had tags like
which were considered as well as "Artist".

So much to version 6. At the moment I am not keen on trying it out again.
because it's in beta stage at the moment anyway and it did not work for me.

Any ideas to my original issue of starting Slimserver?


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* Manuel Rathmann shaped the electrons to say...

> I'm running Slimserver 5.4.1 for Windows. Upgrading to the latest
> version 6 completely screwed my system so I'm back with the old one. I
> am using Itunes to keep my music organized and therefore would like to
> run the Itunes plugin as well which updates my ratings etc.

Manuel - could you be a little more descriptive in "completely screwed my
system" ?


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