I have a Kurobox/HG running the stock linux system
that shipped with the box.

On Friday night, I installed Perl 5.8.5 and the latest
nightly build of Slimserver by following the guide
created by Marc Field (Thanks to Marc for doing such
an excellent job with the install guide). Following
Marc's instructions, the install went smoothly and I
was able to get Slimserver up and running without any
problems. I moved a few mp3s over onto my kurobox and
was able to have Slimserver play them.

I then followed the last bit of instructions regarding
getting Slimserver to start automatically after
reboot. I used Mark's start-slim.sh script. However,
Slimserver failed to start back up upon reboot of the
Kurobox. I subseqeuntly tried to manually start
Slimserver, which led to a "segmentation fault" and
Slimserver not

So, Slimserver worked once, then subsequently wouldn't
startup after a reboot. I was told to delete the
Slimserver preference file and database and then see
if it would run. Looking in the appropriate
directory, I was able to find and remove the
slimserver.pref file. However, no database file was
present in the directory.

After moving the slimserver.pref file, I tried
manually starting Slimserver, but still got the
segmentation fault.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.