The DB code and / or the search code are in dire need of an audit.

I ripped a new album today, copied it to my music folder and hit rescan.
Some time later I actually want to listen to some stuff, but upon entering
'elton' in search music=>search artists via the remote I don't get Elton
John, I get Alanis Morissette, who is allegedly the artist for most of my
anime soundtracks and a few Elton John tracks. Same results with live search
on the web interface - the associations between artists, albums and songs
seem nearly randomized.

This is on a nightly from a few days ago
(, can't tell you the exact version
because the web interface does not show a revision anymore, just a lonely 0
a line _below_ the 'SlimServer Version: 6.0b1' The slimserver worked fine
yesterday evening and I haven't touched it or the server machine since then.

Basically I have been having problems with every rescan - I just default to
deleting the db now when I add something. Seeing as I don't have a version
number anymore, something's corrupting more than the db.