Uggh...I truly apologize for the previous html message format...I am sure
everyone loved looking at that (slight sarcasm).

A kinder format I hope:

I was wondering if anyone would help me out. This is what I am trying to

I want to transcode to lame 32 kpbs when I connect with softsqueeze from a
particular IP address. For some reason (perhaps me being a blockhead) I
am not able to get slimserver to recognize the following convert.conf

flc mp3 softsqueeze
[flac] -dcs $FILE$ | [lame] --resample 44100 --silent -q 9 -b
32 - -

Is this even possible? I thought at one time it was possible to specify
by ip address.

I suppose if I could even do:

flc mp3 *
it would be fine. But I cannot seem to get either one of these to work.
I believe that doing it by mac address it works, but these are a little
too variable with softsqueeze and multiple windows profiles etc.

I would alter the file to allow 32kbps but I run slimserver as a
windows service but this does not appear to work in this configuration.

Might anyone have an idea...

If you do, I'll ship you that pony you wanted.