Yeah, I tried 6.0b1 and after a couple hours messing around reverted to
5.4.1. Couldn't get 6.0b1 to start properly (would hang at the starting
splash screen, yet slim and slimserver were running. Could open IE and go
to and get to the browser, but it would invariably run into some
problem and hang. So I will wait for the other guinea pigs to play with

Still would love to be able to stream from Jriver Media Center...

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kdf wrote:
> Quoting slim (AT) vcooten (DOT) nl:
>>Tried the new version 60b1 yesterday, but immediately downgraded to 5.4.1
>>after running into serious bugs, such as an empty display trying to

>>Music Folder'.
>>Isn't it a bit too early to present this version as the present 'stable'
>>download on the site? Too much haste in presenting new product can also

>>it on the long run.

> its a beta. there are problems, but it works very well on the systems

that were
> testing the alpha. as such, a move to beta is needed to move the testing

to a
> wider audience.
>>I sure hope the version will be as stable as 5.4.1 when the SB2 comes

>>(Although in fact I still have some trouble with 5.4.1 when searching for
>>track titles)

> that woudl be the hope, but 5.4.1 is a lot more mature than 6.0. 6.0b1 is
> probably already more stable than 5.0. a more fair commparison will be

when it
> hits 6.4.
> however, its more fun to watch ppl discuss they own ideas...
> -kdf

Oh, this is fun? I forgot. I'm thinking of changing my new mail sound
for the Discuss list to "The sky is falling! The sky is falling! We must
tell the king!"

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