> I find this interesting, and while I'm not sure where I stand
> with respect to this case (I don't know enough about it) I
> don't understand what financial/business interest Slim
> Devices has in this case. I'm no lawyer and may be a bit
> dense about these types of things, but it seems as though the
> case is about peer-to-peer file sharing--not DRM (which I
> could understand having a direct impact on Slim's business).
> Could someone enlighten me as to why Slim has such an
> interest in this? What's the big picture here that I'm missing?
> -Aaron

Because companies like Slim could go out of business if a tighter law
required them to provide information on every song that a player has played,
serial numbers on players, new hardware designs being mandated to enable
such changes, etc, etc, etc.

It's a dominoes thing, if the Supreme Court sides with the RIAA and MPAA
then we are going to see some big changes happen very quickly in the
computer/software businesses.