You know - this is a global e-mail list and I'm sure you have
friends in the states that are willing to buy you gifts *wink* *wink*.

Do the folks across the pond have to pay extra fees for gifts
coming from the US? Aside from the additional shipping
costs, I don't ever pay anything extra when I buy stuff
from Is it something special that happens
in the US-> anywhere else transactions, but not the
other way around?


>>> thomasmoran (AT) gmail (DOT) com 03/01/05 5:47 AM >>>

I hear ya! I ordered one from the site for delivery to
Ireland last November. The delivery cost was so high i was very
reluctant but i did anyway, see costs below;

Quantity Price (US Dollars)
-------- ------------------
Squeezebox Wireless Network Audio Player 1 $279.00
UPS Worldwide Expedited


The real slap in the face was when I got a call from UPS in Ireland to
say they had an inbound package for me, but couldn't release it until
I paid a 15 Euro *brokerage fee* for the currency exchange. Ba$tard$.
Did I mention UPS are Ba$tard$?

It would be nice to have a snail mail option.