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    Failed to download http://update.slimdevices.com/update/firmware/8.3.0/baby.version

    I'm getting this error in my server log. Any ideas?

    I'm running on WIN10 10.0.19043 Build 19043 with anti-virus switched off(currently).

    [22-08-10 21:27:13.0614] Slim::Utils::Firmware::downloadAsyncError (574) Warning: Firmware: Failed to download http://update.slimdevices.com/update...0/baby.version (Error reading headers: Status read failed: An established connection was aborted by the software in your host machine. at /<C:\PROGRA~2\SQUEEZ~1\server\SQUEEZ~3.EXE>Net/HTTP/Methods.pm line 282.
    ...propagated at /<C:\PROGRA~2\SQUEEZ~1\server\SQUEEZ~3.EXE>Net/HTTP/NB.pm line 32.
    ), will try again in 10 minutes.

    Opening the URL in a browser on the same machine gets:

    7.7.3 r16676
    root@ec2mbubld01.idc.logitech.com Fri Feb 14 09:25:26 PST 2014
    Base build revision: bad080aecfec8226a4c1699b29d32cbba4ba396b
    https://ctproduced.com < Creed Taylor/CTI/KUDU

    Running LMS Server, currently V8.3.0 - 1659590348 on Headless WIN10 System; music on Netgear ReadyNAS; Transporter(Living Room)+Duet Controller; Squeezebox Touch(Master Bedroom), (2x)Boom(Office, Patio), Radio(Guest Bedroom), Classic(garage), Duet(basement). Also using Squeezeplay on Windows 10. Use Orange Squeeze app on Android.

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    To get the current "Community Firmware" (v.8.0.1-r16862), install the LMS plugin and restart. Then, go to "Settings" > "Advanced", select "Community Firmware" from the drop-down and set it to enabled (checked). Eventually, your Touch will tell you a new firmware is available.

    Or, live with the error if it's not causing any inconvenience. The update is not critical.

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