To Anyone.... Newbie needs some help, please.

I recently acqired a factory defaulted SqueezeBox Touch and am thankful to have found this repository of information. I have been reading diligently and searching for specific iformation as I only have 20 more days to try it out and test it before I can return it if there are any issues. I will continue reading but need some info fast in order to get me going.

I plan on adding an updated DAC via the digital output, but for now need some quick information and links if they can be provided.

Here are my questions:

1. Can I simply plug in a 2TB SSD with all FLAC, WMA and DSD files to the unit via the USB port and use it as a standalone source?

2. Or do I have to have or use Logitech Music Server Software? Where can I download the latest version of LMS?

3. Where can I download and how do I load the latest firmware into the unit?

4. Is there a limit on the number of files it will recognize and can they be formatted as Master Folder -> Artist Sub-Folder -> Album Sub Folders with individual tracks and embedded album art?

5. Has anyone used an AudioQuest Beetle DAC with the unit and does it offer a major improvement. I can't find any info on the factory DAC type or specs? Any info here are a recommended improvement DAC for a reasonable price would be appreciated. The Beetles are available under $50. I can't go for a $500 unit right now as I'm in the middle of finishing a rebuild of a Dynaco PAS4 tube preamp.

Thanks to anyone and all who can provide any info to these questions. Feel free to PM me if that is better.

Hoping to enjoy the music soon!!!!

Thanks again.