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    The neat thing about mp3fs is that you are only maintaining one set of files. You don't need to use additional space for mp3-versions of your files, and also don't need to think about making a separate version of those files you just added to your collection - just in case you may want to bring them to your car later. Instead the mp3-version is created the moment you copy the songs you want onto your flash drive.
    Some sort of hybrid that works lazily but caches transcoded files, checking the last modified dates to know when to flush the cache, would be nice.

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    Thank you all for the fabulous suggestions .. so much to learn ... and all very helpful...
    Bill Clark, Windham, VT
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    Apologies for a late reply, I am pretty sure the VLC Media player also has a bulk conversion capability under save/convert.

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    DBPoweramp also has a batch converter that works well and preserves tags.
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