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    PCP and multiple LMS instances


    I'm new on here, so be gentle .

    I'm planning a Squeezebox Touch replacement based on a RPi 3B and PCP. I already have LMS running on a NAS in the house.

    I would like to make the device portable and able to play music off a USB stick when I am not connected to the home network. Is it possible to set PCP to use the home network instance of LMS when connected but use a local instance of LMS accessing music data on a USB stick. (Or alternatively using the USB stick solution as a default if one is present, but try and access the network LMS if not?

    Thanks for any help - just want to know if easy to do or whether it will require a lot of work at this stage.

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    May be possible.

    Build it as an instance of pCP with LMS and setup with USB stick in the standalone mode that you want. There are threads on how to do this elsewhere in here.

    When you have got that all working using pCP in wireless access mode with a different subnet to your home network try plugging in a network cable. Hopefully you will see the player available to ômoveö to your home network instance of LMS. Pull the network cable and reboot and it should revert back.

    There are going to be some wrinkles for sure

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    Cheers. Will see how I get on.

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