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    Problems access LMS server share drive after ubuntu upgrade

    Hello, long-time listener, first time caller...

    Hopefully someone here may be able to help me correct my problem. Over the weekend, I was working on a separate project where I was trying to get my laptop to function with the clamshell closed so I could work on an external monitor. I was running Ubuntu 18.04 on a Thinkpad X240. After repeated failures, I decided that my ubuntu version was out of date enough that possibly upgrading to the newer version would help solve my conundrum based on the info I was reading on the interwebs. So, I started the upgrade. Then the trouble began. First, I could only upgrade directly to 20.04. When I booted after the upgrade, I had no wifi or ethernet functionality. Again, plinking away, I got it to function by booting in safe mode of an older kernel. Just as soon as I was about to chunk my laptop through the nearest window, I thought "what the heck, let's see if 22.04 resolves these problems" and so did the upgrade to 22.04. Like magic, everything just worked. Success! Or so I thought.

    I use my laptop for 2 things. 1) ripping cds to the hard drive and 2) transferring those files to my shared drive that serves my LMS-picporeplayer network (3 players/1 server) with rough 1-1.25TB of music which is constantly growing. Occasionally, I will use it to perform some administrator functions on said network, but really I can do that on my phone or tablet if push comes to shove. The shared drive is connected to the LMS hub and runs OMV which I access via samba. Here's the sole remaining problem. I can no longer access the drive via samba after the upgrade. I've tried every fix I can find online, but nothing seems to work. I don't have access to the shared drive (long story) to check or update the OMV, but even if I did, it had some issues that was driving the initial project of making the laptop function more like a desktop to do some major editing. Namely 1) corrupted files on the drive, 2) incomplete audio files (cut off before the song should end), 3) duplicate files sometimes multiple instances even after deleting them, updating the library, and then reuploading them. The OMV implementation is from circa 2015 or so and I've long lost the access info, so getting to it would likely end up in having to wipe and reinstall anyway. Now at least it is still functional even if I can't add new rips to the server without a circuitous process (laptop->phone->server).

    So here is my question? What's my best path here?
    1) Keep pounding away and get samba functioning correctly (I can access the drive via my phone so it's not the drive by the way) and then proceed with trying to fix the shared drive file issue. If so, how? And how to address the OMV drive?

    2) Relegate the laptop to the closet of expired electronics and invest in a newer desktop (likely an Intel NUC with Windows 10/11) and redo my server implementation. I love Linux, but I'm proficient at best. I can make things work but with directions I find on the interwebs. Work on Windows machines all day, so I'm fairly competent with them, and I'm an old school Mac guy that diverged somewhere around Maverick because I felt they had lost the plot. So I can still navigate those systems pretty well. Ubuntu mostly meets my stated needs, but it does kind of suck when it comes to ripping and audio software, so I mainly use Foobar 2000 which is native to Windows and is why I'm considering that route. Windows seems the best for managing and maintaining a library the size of what I have while be able to add to the collection with updated tags and whatnot.

    3) Invest in a decent NAS and bypass the samba issue I guess? Not super smart on NAS although I am familiar with their purpose. This is only going to be an audio server however, and a NAS seems overkill. No one else in the house needs a NAS for photos, movies, or whatever.

    4) Something altogether different? I'm open to all suggestions save for wasting money on things that don't meet the stated needs.

    Thanks in advance for any and all advice.

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    Problems access LMS server share driveafter ubuntu upgrade

    A whole lot to digest... and I'm not even really sure what the problem
    is. Or how it is related to LMS. From what I understand the problem
    you're having is accessing the SMB share on your OMV from your newly
    update laptop?

    Given the age you mentioned most likely OMV is running an old
    implementation of the SMBv1 protocol, which is considered dangerous, and
    thus disabled on most modern operating systems. Buying a new Windows
    machine would lead you into the same kind of trouble: it likely would
    not connect to the OMV box.

    So the real solution likely will be to bring that box up to date - or
    replace it, as you suggested.

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    Yeah, sorry about that. I was a bit frustrated last night and I tend to get overly verbose when I'm frustrated. You nailed it however. I can't access my share drive through Samba now that I've upgraded my OS which keeps me from updating the LMS library.

    Thanks for the advice on the drive. I didn't realize NT1 was such a problem. Seems a rebuild is in order.

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    Quote Originally Posted by navybsn View Post
    This is only going to be an audio server however, and a NAS seems overkill. No one else in the house needs a NAS for photos, movies, or whatever.
    I also in the past have tended to ramble, thinking all of the detail is needed, but after being spanked and rereading, I do realize it's hard to follow, even though I wrote it. . I did read through your post though....

    You mention you have pcp as a server, and a few players. You also mention that you really don't need a NAS for anything other than music storage, and, that you use your PC for ripping and transferring.

    Why not attach a 2-4TB USB HDD to your pi, and setup samba access to your PC. This is exactly what I do. Specifically, I have my master copy of my music library on my PC, and use freefilesync (ffs) to mirror it to the pi attached HDD. As an added bonus, if you do have important files on your PC (photos, docs, etc) you can setup another share path on your pcp HDD and use ffs to backup your PC files to your pcp attached drive. I do this as well.

    Of course there are alternatives to ffs, and you could do allot more automation than I do, but what I do works for me. I am sure that many would suggest/prefer a solid state drive, but I use a standard mechanical one comfortably because the pi HDD is a mirror of my master library (PC).


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    Personally, because i don't have a nas, my lms is running inside a docker container on a nuc, where 2 usb drives are attached and mount on the host.
    It allow me to upgrade my base system without breaking lms. and running lms inside a container allow me to upgrade lms, change version (by switching docker image), without any incident on the host.

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