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    Hy foxesden

    I am running LMS on a pi with PiCP. I am looking for a dsp solution that would allow me to add a delay in ms to one of my 2 channels, and ajust balance + loudness. My critical need being the delay, as balance is now embedded in LMS v8.2.0. From what I understand, inguz has a skew setting that would enable me to apply delay to one of my channels.
    I am not sure the pi would have enough computing power for inguz, but I suppose so, if I restrict my need to some delay processing.

    So indeed, a plugin enabling inguz on a pi would be very much appreciated !

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    Yes Inguz has delay built into the DSP

    I am still testing the install as the nature of piCorePLayer (in memory) makes it tricky to persist (more questions for the gurus to follow...)

    I have it all running with DSP working vs Spotify and Qobuz. However, my pi is a 3B and I don't think it has enough horse power to run the DSP as I am getting very frequent dropouts. This is the top command

    22567 1 tc S 276m 28.3 3 33.8 /usr/local/slimserver/Bin/armhf-linux/InguzDSP -id d0:50:99:85:19:e9 -wav -wavo -d 24

    Pi 4 may have just enough grunt to do this.

    The master plan is to get the install working smoothly and then replace the DSP engine with Camilla DSP which should be less resource intensive.

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    More questions for the Picore gurus.

    I have my DSP Plugin installing directly off git zipped up nicely and it all displays on the front-end.

    The settings and binaries I can't really use extensions proposal because of the binary size and the settings need to be writable.

    However I have managed to get the solution running by installing slimserver and cache on my USB drive and adding my settings and binaries to sub-folders that I create off that. I then symbolically link the settings folder to /usr/share/InguzEQ and creating individual symbolic links to the exe and config

    So I think the only thing I need to do is run a startup script that would re-apply these symbolic links each time picore boots up. Does this sound like a practical solution?

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    Bingo that worked...

    I reckon I can package up an install and mount script within the plugin zip.

    Then all the user has to do is add in a command within the tweak-ui, and on re-boot it should create the necessary additional directories download the binaries and then map the symbolic links. Because it checks for the existence of the folders, subsequent reboots will only create the symbolic links.

    Run out of time today. So next time I will do the additional packaging and test a clean install.

    I have found that the spotify convert settings is slightly different on my pi vs windows - so will need to look at the automating that.

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