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The problem was the BT wireman messing with the connections in the street cabinet. My Father-in-Law kept his internet in a neighbouring flat while losing his telephone, but for a different reason. Someone at the exchange had turned him off.
while we are telling these stories, I have a seasonal cabin in an area in Northern NY, where there are maybe 20-30 people on a long dirt road. For the longest time all we had was DSL on old, crappy, undocumented phone lines, that nobody understands, buried in the dirt, sometimes sticking out. In the spring, when a family would come in to open their camp, the phone/dsl truck would come to hook them up and mess with the wiring in what we call "tombstones" by the road. As a result someone else would go down. Often it was me. It got pretty funny loosing internet and quickly jumping in our trucks to go down the road to find the service truck to tell him what he caused (and block him from leaving). It got to the point where we all got anxious when we saw their trucks going down the road. I would turn on a sb radio so I could hear if I went down!

It got to where if the internet went down, my wife would say "well, the cummings must be here!"

A year ago we got new fiber (part of an initiative to get "high speed" in rural underserved areas). But even seeing their trucks get us a bit anxious. We have not healed.