For anyone interested in playing around with a fire tablet, and the fire toolbox (de-amazon, add play store, add launcher, use with Material APK), here is the US we have "Woot!" which is a closeout arm of Amazon (maybe it's in your region?).

They currently have a deal on "refurbished" fire tablets.

For example, the HD8 (2018 model) in "very good" condition is $30, free shipping (for Prime members). Wikipedia has a good chart for the differences

It's a cheap way to experiment without feeling bad about it if your purchase doesn't work out like you had hoped.


disclaimer - I have bought "used" items from amazon before (especially items where cosmetics are not that important - tools, components, etc), most of the time they are pristine, sometimes only a damaged package. But from time to time I get one that is trashed or missing things. I have not bought one of these tablets used, but it is free returns.