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    Squeezelite not running on PiCorePlayer

    This week both PiCorePlayer were silence.
    (Off course in the morning when my girlfriend tried to turn on the radio and she was unhappy)
    I was able to access the PiCorePlayer URL.
    It looked like "Squeezelite was running"
    Did a restart of Squeezelite and got the message it was not running
    A reboot was required to solve the problem.

    What could have been the root cause of this problem?
    How can I prevent this?

    PI3B+ LMS + PiCorePlayer (wired/HDMI)
    Zero: PiCorePlayer + HiFiberry DAC (wifi)
    piCorePlayer v8.1.0 | www v00017 | linux 5.10.77-pcpCore (32) | piCore v13.1 | Squeezelite v1.9.9-1392-pCP
    Logitech Media Server Version: 8.2.0 - 1627922070 @ Tue Aug 3 11:43:18 CEST 2021
    For controls I use OpenHABian

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    Change girlfriend

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