I have an Rpi 3B with a DAC hat that has power, play/volume control buttons and rotary controller and an 1.5" OLED screen. It also comes with an IR remote.

It has hifiberry DAC+. I have installed raspbian lite, LMS and squeezelite ( I am not using PcP as I would like to run docker on this rpi)

With Raspbian Bullseye, I have LMS working and control through material skin on my phone. I would like to get the IR remote and OLED screen working. the maker of the DAC hat has the driver code on github here and I am trying to get the IR remote and the DAC working using the driver code in Python. I have the LIRC config file setup for the remote and I am receiving the signal on the Rpi.

Any pointers on how to get this working on LMS using Squeezelite/Jivelite or JSON RPC calls. I would be happy if I can get the play/volume control on the remote working and the now playing status displayed on the 1.5" OLED screen on the DAC. THanks in advance for any inputs.