My goal is to use an existing Pi running Picoreplayer with an infrared remote control and no screen. My pi works great. I just want to be able to do play/pause and track advance from a remote of some sort.

Jivelite supports keyboard control and a FLIRC emulates a keyboard and turns IR remote control commands into keyboard sequences. This should work great. The only issue for me is that the Pis I want to do this with do not have any kind of display. They are completely "headless". So, when jivelite starts, it can't find a frame buffer. Worse, it wants me to select language and other preferences before it will respond to keyboard commands.

Is there a way to tell jivelite to use no display (like /dev/null for frame buffer maybe?) and to ignore the initial setup sequence? Is there maybe a way of specifying a configuration file with the preferences already there? Or environmental variables I can set to select everything that would normally be done "by hand" on first start?

If you are thinking that this seems kind of a long solution for just remote control, I agree. But I do not want to buy a bare IR receiver that requires soldering to implement. I do not want to mess with GPIO pins. Further, I would really like to repurpose several existing IR remotes, and that means I need to use "custom" IR codes. FLIRC makes this very easy.

If there were some other piece of utility software that listened on the USB keyboard (console) for key presses and used those key presses (single keys) to control the squeezbox client, that would be even better. But I haven't found anything like that just yet.

Thanks for any advice and pointers.