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    LMS in Camper mobile via apple carpaly or android auto


    i plan to integrate a raspi into a camper. The car audiosystem will be capable of android auto and apple carplay. Is it possible to use one of these as a rendere via WLAN or is it bettre to connect via DAC to line in of the system?
    Thanks in advance
    Raspi 4 as server for various things besides lms
    Raspi 3 feeding a SPL Phonitor xe for headphones
    Minidsp shd running squeezelite feeding a poweramp and a pair of Nubert nuvero 70 and 2 elac Sub 2070
    2 Squeezebox Radios (kitchen and bath)
    Nubert NuPro A200, AW350 Sub , raspi 3 with hifiberry digi+ for the bedroom
    raspi A with M2Tech HiFace usb dac and JBL Control 1 for the balcony :-)

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    in android defiately

    use Material skin LMS app for control and and something like SB Player as the endpoint. Both running on an Android head unit
    PiCorePlayer 7.1 on Allo Digi One Signature (Lounge)
    PiCorePlayer 8.1 with hifiberry Dig+ Material running on PI for control (Office)
    PiCorePlayer 8.1 with pi official touchscreen and hifiberry DAC+(Kitchen)
    Radio (Bedroom)
    PiCorePlayer 8.1 with Allo BOSS DAC (Bedroom)
    PiCorePlayer 8.1 with hifiberry AMP+. Squeezelite=x for control (Garage)
    PiCorePlayer 8.1 with hifiberry AMP+(Patio 2)
    PiCorePlayer 8.1.1 with hifiberry AMP+(Patio 2)

    LMS 8.1 on DIY unRaid 6 Server (i5)

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