This Squeezebox 3 has been working for years, but I fear is failing. Any suggestions, or is it time to migrate to new HW? Anyone else experienced something like this?

It is exhibiting the following behavior intermittently, typically a few times a day:
  • When listening to locally hosted files (they're all flac but I don't think that matters), after playing for some time, the sound stops. Even though there's no sound, the progress bar shows that the first 5 or 10 seconds of music are repeating. I can just hit the Next button and then music starts up again.
  • When streaming an Internet radio station, after playing for some time, the sound and the stream stops. I hit the Play button and the stream starts up again.

I have a number of other Squeezeboxes (SB3, Touch, Radio, RasberryPi) in the house - this is the only device that exhibits this behavior. When I have other players synchronized to this SB3, all the synchronized players stop playing - they all follow the same behavior as the bad SB3.

(I'll save you the long story, but I can't swap my existing SB3 for testing.)

So then, just before posting, I went through the log files, because that's what I assume you're going to ask for. And I'm pretty sure these are the logs close to the most recent failure - yes - it's the Kitchen player at 00:04:20:07:6c:6e. I don't know enough about the inner workings of ShairTunes2, but would this explain the failure?
[22-01-17 20:00:13.5701] Plugins::ShairTunes2W::Plugin::playerSubscriptionC hange (319) request=client reconnect client=Slim::Player::Squeezebox2=ARRAY(0x88173d0) 00:04:20:07:6c:6e
[22-01-17 20:00:13.5705] Plugins::ShairTunes2W::Plugin::removePlayer (358) publisher for Kitchen with 00:04:20:07:6c:6e, PID Proc::Background=HASH(0x916aa58) will be terminated.
[22-01-17 20:00:14.0737] Plugins::ShairTunes2W::Plugin::createListenPort (398) Created listener on port 39101
[22-01-17 20:00:14.0754] Plugins::ShairTunes2W::Plugin::publishPlayer (440) avahi-publish-player not in path
[22-01-17 20:00:14.0764] Plugins::ShairTunes2W::Plugin::publishPlayer (449) dns-sd not in path
[22-01-17 20:00:14.0774] Plugins::ShairTunes2W::Plugin::publishPlayer (458) mDNSPublish not in path
[22-01-17 20:00:14.0780] Plugins::ShairTunes2W::Plugin::publishPlayer (460) using built-in helper: /usr/local/slimserver/Cache/InstalledPlugins/Plugins/ShairTunes2W/Bin/shairport_helper-armv6hf
[22-01-17 20:00:14.1102] Plugins::ShairTunes2W::Plugin::addPlayer (346) create client Slim::Player::Squeezebox2=ARRAY(0x88173d0) with proc Proc::Background=HASH(0xb82ff78)