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    How/where is .filetool.lst created?

    I've looked for .filetool.lst in git, but it's not jumping out at me, and the fact that it and .xfiletool.lst are both dot-files makes me think they must be created from some other list or tool.

    In order to get few more things backed up (since they contain local mods), I've added several lines to .filetool.lst. Then in order to be sure that gets backed up, I added .filetool.lst to itself. This was fine, I believed, until today, when I realized that if the release maintainers have added something new of their own to .filetool.lst, then my backup will overwrite that change after I upgrade.

    So, I'll do something different to track my changes in the future, but for right now, I'd like to know whether .filetool.lst has changed between 7.0.1 and 8.1.0. I need to know this both to see if it has changed, as well as to verify my local changes. But I can't find it.


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    You cannot access our git project.

    Using .filetool.list and .xfiletool.lst are a piCore standard.

    Plus, adding some features *may* modify .filetool.sh

    See "piCorePlayer backup".

    Adding features to piCore is usually done through extensions.

    See "Creating a piCore extension".

    Sometimes the *uniqueness* of piCore is a hinderance.

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    Okay. Non-published repo? Really? That definitely make pCP an outlier! :-) Good to know, though -- I'll stop looking. ;-)

    My local mods aren't all that big. Mostly a few long-running scripts that I start from "User command #1", which lives in /home/tce. I think I also needed to have /root/.asoundrc saved. I forget why, at the moment. I think it might have had to do with USB audio and hotplugging.

    I've done my upgrade (7.0.1 --> 8.0.0 --> 8.0.1) and it all seems to have worked fine. It looks as if .filetool.lst was changed, buy my additions were preserved. I guess if it's expected that packages might modify it, then it makes sense that its contents would be preserved on upgrade. That's perfect, for my use.

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