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    Quote Originally Posted by kidstypike View Post
    My interpretation is that the OP wishes to remove one USB stick and insert another USB stick with different music on it?
    Yes and no... maybe the same stick with new tracks added maybe an another stick.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Redrum View Post
    yea, on reread it does seem like a usage pattern similar to a CD, cassette tape, or 8-Track

    Yes, you are right Jim !

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    I would suggest LMS is not the right product for you.
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    Perhaps, put all your music on a USB HDD and attach that to the rPi, rather than having lots of different thumb drives.
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    Greg is right in that picoreplayer is not a thumb drive player, similar to a CD player, but what is?

    But, it's an interesting use case (not one that we are used to ). I can see where a scan of "a bunch of music" on a thumb drive, could occur very quickly. So, how could PaulH get to the point when he plugs the drive in and is ready to play? Even if he has to go to a windows/mac, or material skin and click something

    I remember (incorrectly?) that AutoRescan sensed changes to the library and scanned. But, in my dim memory, that might have instead been how TinyLMS worked? If so, It seems like maybe the way the Touch worked with a USB drive is what PaulH is looking for?

    I think we would encourage PaulH not to operate this way but maybe he could?

    PaulH, can you elaborate a bit on what you would like to do? Give us some examples?


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    It would require some level of automatic mounting of the file system.....which is not enabled in pCP. It would require a custom udev rule. Just jerking out the USB stick is going to cause problems too.....which means you will need a way to eject the device. While it is all possible, its just not they way things are intended to work.
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    Thank you all for your interesting answers!

    I was asking if it is necessary to install a USB plug on the front of a picoreplayer.
    If someone has a USB stick we can connect it and listen.

    But your explanations are clear!
    It is not a good idea to put a USB connector in front of it. This interface is used to connect a stick or a HD permanently and not for plug and play.

    Cristal clear !

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