I would like to know, whether it is possible to stream music from android client (tablet/ mobilephone) or apple client (iphone/ipad) to a squeezebox radio.

For instance in the spotify app you can choose on which device the music should be played - here I can choose the tablet/ipad itself or network speakers like google nest devices, that are integrated in my network.

However the squeezebox radios are not listed in the spotify app as possible devices. It would be great, if there is a chance to stream the music directly out of the official spotify app to the squeezebox radio (use the radio as network speaker). It's just that look and feel of the spotify app is pretty good. Another aspect is that I use spotify family and each child with its spotify account is quite familiar using the spotify app.

For background
- Have 4 SB Touch and 4 SB Radios in use
- On a mini-pc the LMS is working 24/7
- Spotty-plugin is installed and does a great job (--> Already, I can use spotify by spotty. Everything is fine. I just would like to know whether there is a second "direct channel" using spotify