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    Problem PicorePlayer with ELECROW Touch Display 7" 1024x600 with Jivelite


    here I described how to setup the display in Raspberry Pi OS. It worked well, even with flipped display and touch! But in PicorePlayer I have unfortunately again Problems with correct setup of the display (I think now that touch calibrating even with flipped (180░ rotated) works, cause the calibration program ts_calibrate did show up the correct matrix, and was accessible):

    How do I have setup Jivelite for a flipped touch screen 7" 1024x600? The logo came up right and before I was flipping the screen, Jivelite was working too! After a time of doing nothing Jivelite hangs up the complete system, it could not be warm resetted, instead I had to replug the Pi...
    Name:  Screenshot_20220104-191404_Gallery.jpg
Views: 406
Size:  97.3 KB'# Pic is from 5" screen, but looks the same on 7" #
    Name:  20220112_151341.jpg
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Size:  243.3 KB
    Please give me hints!

    [UPDATE] touch does not work on PiCorePlayer besides calibration tool. it rotates the other way round, and is upside down...

    Greetz Peter
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