Perhaps a somewhat unusual way to make contact but let me explain.

I have been using Squeezeboxes throughout the house since 2006 and since 2009 the house has been automated bit by bit using HomeSeer, a home automation program.
Recently I took up the challenge to also include the Squeezeboxes in the home automation system so that I can show messages on a squeezebox display or even give an audio notification.

HomeSeer is expandable via Plugins (just like LMS) and Philippe Printz has created a great plugin for HomeSeer v3 with a really great tutorial.
Meanwhile, HomeSeer has reached v4 and I switched from v2 to v3 and that's where the problem is.
The Homeseer plugin creates an LMS repository with which you can activate an LMS plugin that enables communication from HomeSeer to LMS. If this repository is not working then the HomeSeer plugin cannot communicate with LMS (this is how it is set up in the HS plugin).
As of HS4 something has apparently changed in the way HS provides this repository to LMS with the result that the LMS plugin from HomeSeer cannot be found.

Long story to explain why I am looking for Philippe Printz or rather would like to ask him if the HS plugin can be modified.

I realize that there could also be another solution if someone already has the LMS plugin and it could be included in the legacy plugins provided Philippe Printz agrees.