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    Plugins repo SHA1 is case sensitive

    This caught me out yesterday ...
    I used a different tool to calculate the SHA1 checksum of a new plugin build zip file.
    It provided the resulting Hex string with upper case A-F but I did not notice the change.

    However, the LMS plugin downloader/installer does a simple string comparison between the checksum that it calculates for the downloaded file and the value in the plugin repo xml.
    So, while the hex numeric values are the same, the text versions are different so it fails to install.

    Changing the LMS plugin downloader to ignore case is probably the correct solution ... since a hex representation of SHA1 digest can legitimately use either case.
    But if this is not back-ported then it could lead to confusion when something installs on 8.3 but fails on older versions.

    An alternative approach would be to have the LMSCommunity plugin importer perform a conversion to lower-case or perhaps refuse to import if upper-case present (and issue a warning in Github ... and even better ... send a notification to the plugin author).
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    Plugins repo SHA1 is case sensitive

    Thanks for the heads up! I applied a change to 8.3 to make the checksum
    test case insensitive.

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