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    Amazon Echo Show as LMS 'Appliance'

    As mentioned over at the MediaServer thread, I have now implemented a persistent touch-capable display for when MediaServer is used with an Echo Show. The LMS 'Appliance' as I call it.

    I recently added an Echo Show 8 (2nd Gen, 2021 release) to my arsenal and beheld a 2022 Squeezebox Radio beater. It's like bolting on a Touch in front of a Radio. For only $89 on sale (up to $129 if not — still not bad) this thing sounds really nice for its size and of course has that gorgoeus 8" full-HD touchscreen. Which also does 'normal Alexa stuff and has a 13MP camera for Zoom calls.

    In beta testing, I got the new touchscreen controls and metadata display to work perfectly well with the stream commands (i.e. Echo itself is audio sink for LMS), but of course the buffering came back to bite me. I can trap a touchscreen event to clear the buffer so the music starts instantly without latency, but the progress-bar subsequently runs off the charts as the Echo gobbles up the stream into its buffer. It doesn't take long before the Artwork and Metadata are off by a whole track. For that reason, I've disabled the touch/artwork feature for streaming and only released it for regular playback on non-Echo devices. Big Pity.

    We've looked at starving/drip-feeding an Echo before to limit buffering but gave up fairly quickly because the incentive of 'The Appliance' was not there. Is it worth taking a new look, given the recent developments in MediaServer?
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