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    Quote Originally Posted by greywing View Post
    Thanks w3wilkes. That looks like a pretty nice power brick and very versatile. Turns out it was the power brick that measured 9.03 V but apparently couldn't supply sufficient current to power up the Rcvr. And thanks to everyone for your responses. The OEM bricks seem to be a fairly frequent source of problems. To be fair mine was on 24/7 for 11 years but it is a pretty benign operational task.

    As a question to all, has anyone been successful in repairing a receiver?
    The usual problem with old SB players is failure of (i) PSU, (ii) the WLAN card and (iii) caps. With SB3/Classic it will work without a WLAN card so easy to test. Receiver must have a working WLAN card (even if not used) to work. Replacement WLAN cards are not expensive and easy to replace as they are a PCI socketted card

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    Quote Originally Posted by greywing View Post
    Actually, my original SB is broke so I'll probably toss it. The used one I bought on Ebay is my operable unit and I'll continue using it.

    Thanks for the Ref links. Appreciated. I will take a look and assess.
    sorry, I misunderstood. I thought you found the ps was the culprit.

    In looking around, I found another relevant discussion on replacement, one that has a link to one member's build experience. https://forums.slimdevices.com/showt...vs-Pi-with-DAC

    I had also forgotten about the Polyvection DAC32 and DIGI32 (in development) https://polyvection.com/en/ an out of the box direct replacement for your receiver. Lots of discussion on this on this forum.

    I should also clarify that I would not repair my receiver, I would rather spend the time to build something better. That's just me and my relationship with receivers . I consider them the weakest of my sb products. It's not to say you shouldn't. @Bpa gave you good things to look at if you do. Here's a disassembly video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=03D_...l=DusanKubinak


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