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    Quote Originally Posted by Ikabob View Post
    Does the Pi have RCA?
    The RPi offers analog out on a 3.5mm stereo jack. It's not the "end all" in terms of performance, but I've used it without issue in a casual way as you're describing. If you want something more appropriate for connecting to a hi-fi, you'll need the DAC add-on board that @garym mentioned above and a larger case that can accommodate it. Or, buy the DAC32.

    An original Chromecast Audio can also be used for your purpose by installing the "Chromecast bridge" LMS plugin.
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    Just to chip in, I have replaced one of my touches with raspberry pi 3b with hifiberry dac+ pro (rca version) and can confirm sound quality is as good as from touch.
    You can also get nice steel case for it as I did



    BTW I have also tried android phone solutions with squeezeplayer in past and unless your phone is rooted you will get loudness warning every day or so. It will reduce volume and will require you to cancel prompt on phone in order to control volume again. I found headphones out on few android phones wasn't loud enough to run it at 60% or whatever is required to avoid warning and auto volume reduction.
    Another small problem is that squeeze player will automatically shut after certain amount of time when not streaming. You can overcome this with intent from tasker or similar automation app.

    So basically squeeze player app is great but not really appropriate for static permanent location use.

    Raspberry pi + DAC hat + PiCorePlayer on other hand works perfectly.

    BTW raspberry pi 4 as just player is massive overkill.. 3b+,3b, or even 2b makes more sense
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jaca View Post
    BTW raspberry pi 4 as just player is massive overkill.. 3b+,3b, or even 2b makes more sense
    and many of these lesser (maybe less desirable to some) models are available. You can find 2b's an ebay for around/less than $50USD. I see a couple right now for about $35 with a case.

    To repeat one of my earlier thoughts, if you are going to use this for casual listening, and considering using the headphone jack as analog out. A sb radio is a nice choice, available for less than $100USD. It has the bonus (if you get a battery) of being portable to bring the music with you.


    <edit - I don't mean to discourage you from the pi route, I have them as well. Just trying to provide alternate solutions. I never thought I needed a radio until I got one, now I have a few, and have gotten them for others>
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    Thank you.

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